Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Busy Busy!

We have been very busy in our war zone lately.  I would like to start off with this little gem... Battle Report.

Our next door neighbors have been throwing caps around left and right, so it came time to take those toys away from them :)  We did lose one Archon, but it has been paid for and replaced on the spot by our alliance and good friends.

Lately I have been splitting some of my team to fly around with the Bomber's Bar folk.  I have to say it has been incredibly fun!  The stealth bomber, my Nemesis, was the first ship I really trained for and then found out it was not used much, outside of ratting in null and the occasional use in low sec.  Hearing about these folks, I believe in the EON magazine, perked up my interests and I finally made the trip out there to meet up with the fleet.  I am very surprised at how the fleets run.  They seem incredibly open to spys, which there is no doubt one in every fleet, but the FC's know what they are doing and are incredibly patient with newer members.  We had a lot of fun camping TEST in HED, and got more then a few kill mails.  Check out "Bombers Bar" in game channel for more!

More then a few times after the fleet was breaking up and I began wandering around null.  I made one trip 16 jumps through null to lose my pod last jump, but oh well!  Here are a few images I've captured on the trip around, enjoy!