Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All the stuffs!

Today I got to take part in my first live event! (I think.) Apparently Karin Midular, an important part of the Minmatar as a whole had passed away.  I believe the Minmatar Army had moved into Gallente Space to take her shooter back, but seemingly failed.  There was a bunch of Gallente Federation Moros' that were subsequently tackled and shot up, with a few of them going down. The system was a Gallente High Sec system.  Although I have seen many a capital ship, it was still cool seeing them in high sec.

I believe this is going to be an important part of Faction War, possibly creating a four way or having the Minmatar square off with the Gallente faction now.  But time will tell.  In either case, I would like to thank CCP Falcon for running this and I am very glad to catch one of these live events.  They generally happen when I am at work so this is a bit of rarity for me.

I have also been visiting some of the sites from the Eve Online book The Empyrean Age.  If you have not read it and enjoy some of the fiction of Eve Online, you should totally check it out.  Expect a full blog post soon with all the locations I will visit.  Some of them are in different areas of Null Sec so I will have to do some planning to get out there and visit them.  

Something I rarely see, two stations at the same moon within 300k of each other.  There was a pod going between them, I found it quite funny :)

Also, here a shot of Chribba's Revelation in high sec, Amarr Prime.  With all the capsuleers in the area celebrating Eve being 10, lots and lots of fire works were let off gifted by CCP.  Here is for another ten years!