Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brave Newbie Astrophotography Competition

Recently I was contacted by Brave Newbie Pilot Sophie Maricadie about an ongoing in game photography contest being run by the Brave Newbies!  I would like to extend my thanks to them for coming to me and telling me about the contest.  I have taken an absolute ton of screen shots since I started playing Eve.  I don't consider myself a fancy writer or particularly good at taking in game screenshots, but it was something I have done since I started playing any sort of video games on the computer. I snagged a spot on one of their "out of corp prizes, which I am very happy about.

You can see the album of the winning screen shots here.  Thank you again guys and good luck with your corp!  I love it for the fact that it is getting more and more new players out of high sec, and into the area where I live in low sec :)

Check out the Brave Newbies subreddit here.

My winning entry