Friday, March 15, 2013

Perrigen Falls

With all the killing we have been doing, I have not been able to visit many areas.  However, I did get to bounce to a C5 and eventually lead to Perrigen Falls.  

We had a number of awesome fights in our little RR AF gang.  RR Vengeances and a few other tid bits like my Enyo were there, and we killed all the things. We started by taking out an Amarr fleet in Huola, which led us to a large battle against a 40 man Ivy League fleet, which then brought us to a Battle ship fleet.  The Battleships decided to drop an Archon on us, the same thing the night before.  We were able to kill their Scorpion with our AF's but decided we needed to reship to battleships.  By the time I came back and opened my cyno, the Archon was out of triage and warping away... Oh well. I must also point out I was able to hunt down a Procurer and a Drake in a WH today, however I can not for the life of me get the Procurer to pull to killboard.