Sunday, March 24, 2013

Luminaire, Curse, and Beyond

Some interesting stuff going on with the Live Events in Eve lately.  As you may, or may not know, an NPC titan had sat above the home system of Caldari Prime in Luminaire.  A series of in game events, both in Dust 514 and Eve led to the destruction of that Titan, with "NPC" capitals and capsuleers battling over it.  Although I missed the Live Event, I was able to see the carnage afterwords.  It took almost an hour to get my alt into the actual system, due to CCP putting a cap on that systems population to try and fight any lag.

Daisha and Myself in two sharp looking Proteus.
Later on in the day I had the pleasure to fly around a few wormholes with my sworn enemy Daisha Voluptia.  Armed with two cloaky Proteus we quickly checked a few chains near our home system only to come up empty handed.  However, we did find a WH connect Derelik, and about four jumps from the Curse region.  I am not totally familiar with the going ons of that area, but I must say after our little roam, a few of us from LNA are going to be installing some jump clones in that area.  We encountered a MASSIVE amount of frigates while roaming the main pipe in that area and into Scalding Pass.  Not having a real FC (I am terrible, sorry guys!) and being in Tier 3 BC's led to us getting kaboomed more then once.  Luckily Susan Black had a random stockpile of ships in that area, so at the very least she was able to reship and keep fighting. 

Echoing a sentiment that Daisha spoke about in his blog,  I too have become very burnt out on faction war, and for awhile I did consider packing up and trying other parts of the game.  However I have found the cure for myself, is to take roans like this.  In the Amarr/Minnie war zone, we fight the same people over and over, and you tend to learn each others habits which leads to less fighting because you know what someone has up their sleeve.  Flying out to these random areas and fighting new folks bring back a lot of excitement into PVP.  Eitherway, fun times had by all.  Hans bombed a noob ship, most of us exploded, and we got to screw around in an area where we normally don't head to.