Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Welcome to my random blog!  I will be just posting some cool screen shots that I take from around the Universe.  Currently I am in the Minmatar Militia, in the Ice Fire Warriors corp.  Although this takes up a good part of my time, I do find some time for exploration around the the New Eden Galaxy.  Usually I find various WH connections which bring me to all sorts of areas in the world. 

Today has been rather interesting, as I have hit about every single corner of the galaxy, including a first into the Cobalt Edge region, which helped me hit a personal goal of hitting the farthest corner of that region.  I have also hit Aridia, Genesis, Tenal, and finally ended up in Placid.

Throughout this little trip, I also was able to visit J172751.  Why is that interesting you might think?  Read this reddit thread to see why.  I brought that capsuleer a bunch of corpses for a little grid-fu he was doing.  An odd request... But I guess even odder that I had many of them ready for him.